2nd Semester, 3 goals Part 2

on Thursday, 1 July 2010
During these 2 weeks, I've been able to set my mini-plans in motion. I don't consider it as a major change. It's not even something original and probably some of you would consider the moves that I made something that I must do as an English teacher...

... y...e.....s...

... but no as well. I've come to realise that the profession can make you lazy, placid, and contented with your status quo.

It doesn't take a lot of effort to initiate the mini plans I've mentioned in my previous blog (2nd Semester, 3 Goals). In fact, I kind of feel that a new teacher like me has an unwritten contract with the students to bring in ideas and programmes as I see fit.

So far, the ones that have been going smooth-sailing-ly are:

Staffroom = English Speaking Only Zone.
So far, I've managed to mistreat, abuse, and enforce my power as the white man in the staffroom to my students. Reluctantly, they have complied and accepted the fact that I will not back down with the I don't get you though I know Malay statement. They play along with great resentment but hey~~~~ it seems to be working. Even the weakest kid who talked to me was practically miming out his words with his hands.

Monetary Punishment. Class = English Speaking Only Zone
Bringing THE JAR OF PUNISHMENT really freaks the students out. They know each time I hear them speak in Malay, 10 cents is going into that jar. I don't think it's so much of the money, the humiliation of contributing into the jar is more dreadful. The form 4 class was very obliging to my enforcement of this rule. It resulted in them being absolutely quiet but I guess they were still a little bit responsive when I prompted them. They didn't become unresponsive which is very relieving for me because I feared that they would just end up being mutes.

Form 1 Debating Team
After careful monitoring and selective tasks, I've managed to identify 3 kids with the appropriate foundation to start a debating team. It hasn't started as of yet but I've already told those 3 kids exclusively that they will be involved in a long term project; it's going to be arduous and it's going to make them become the creme ala creme. They seem eager, proud, and nervous about it because they don't know what to expect yet and I'm very sure that it would kick off with an excellent start the moment I blow the first whistle. This project in particular would be really time consuming but I'm going to make sure I follow up as much as I can.

By the way... THE JAR OF PUNISHMENT has 20 cents.


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