Suiting Up

on Monday, 26 July 2010
Well, as usual, I love to have specific themes when going into my classrooms. It sort of puts students in a prepared mood and I like tuning them with a certain idea but shocking them with a twist whenever possible. It's sort of like them expecting it to be something (because they know the theme of the month) but they will always be caught by surprise every now and then..

... this month for my form 4 classes is Business and Corporate Month

For this theme, I told them that it's high time they started thinking like working adults. Not just about ambition and thinking about some product but to be like a professional and act out like a professional. Therefore, each group in the class (which was already decided a long time ago) must conduct 1 interview of a personality they thought was celebrity-like or admirable. 

Of course, conducting an interview with someone respectable requires them to gear into professional and corporate mode. They'll have to prepare questions, write out simple transcripts of the interview, and complete basic information about the personality they have interviewed. The good thing about this is that they can choose anyone they liked i.e. teacher, relative who is successful, village head, head prefect... the list goes on.

This one can be slightly time consuming so it's a month long project. They have to make sure they use English most of the time because the transcript and the questions have to be in English anyway. Of course they can use their native tongue while interviewing (I won't be there to monitor them) but a simple talk with the teachers they are interviewing would give me an idea of how they conducted the interview. I recommended the interview to be short and simple with the questions just pertaining about basic information about educational history and achievements. Students must show me their list of questions before conducting the interview. Students must also make sure an appointment is made before conducting the interview as well.

So far, the groups have completed their interview.

I can't wait to see their results.


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