I See It Now...

on Wednesday, 28 July 2010
Back in action after a week! Finally got myself a decent keyboard.

Today I received a letter from an unknown student.

'Cikgu, ini surat daripada VVVV... murid kelas cikgu'

I took the letter and hesitated to open it up. Not because I was afraid that it's a love letter or whatsoever, but everytime I received his letter before, it was about him not being able to attend school because he did not have enough money to pay for the bus fare or he had to stay at home to take care of his siblings.

This student of mine is from a poor family. He is always absent and when I asked around, I found out that he has to work from time to time to help feed his family. According to his friends, he sometimes has to sell fish from house to house just to earn some money to feed his siblings. His father is jobless and his mother is a full-time housewife. It's rather sad that at such a young age, he has to bear such huge responsibilities when he is supposed to concentrate only on his studies.

Back to the content of the letter, his mom wrote:

' .... memohon cuti kerana kasut sekolahnya rosak dan tidak boleh dipakai....tidak mampu membeli kasut baru....perlu menunggu sehingga mempunyai duit untuk membeli kasut sekolah yang baru...'

I felt sad... pitiful....

He is a good kid.. he studies when he gets the chance to come to school; never causes any problems. It's sad to see that he can't go to school because of his spoilt shoes...it really saddened me.

I used to read stories..just stories about this kind of situation. Now I am seeing it happening.. that it is real. What can I do? I am gonna either give him some money to get a new pair of shoes or refer his case to the school.

He deserves this... He deserves a better life...a life as a kid..as a student.


Government Agent said...

It's really a sad story that one cannot come to school because of his shoes.

Probably, you could get him special permission to come to school with whatever footwear he has right now? Slippers? Better than not coming to school right? Give him a letter to keep in his pocket with a teacher's signature so that he can show it to other teachers or prefects that catch him without school shoes?

I think that's a good idea to encourage him to go to school right?

peNakLukduNia said...

Did exactly that...

And the good news is that he has a brand new pair of shoes now!

That just made my day!

Government Agent said...

I think you did the best thing.

You made the kid very happy.

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