*Love is in the air

on Tuesday, 20 July 2010

I have this special affinity and bond towards my own class, 1 Al Biruni. They can be the naughtiest and weakest class, but they definitely have a special spot in my heart.

They can be screaming on top of their lungs for attention; wanting me to go to their desk and pay extra attention to them..helping through their homework. I just don't care... because that is what that makes the class lively. One thing that I am worried about is just that they are too noisy. That's it.

Honestly, these kids call me Mother. I don't really care though sometimes I get weird looks from other teachers. I sit down with them to teach them, play with them...I actually do feel motherly when I'm with them. The majority of them are from poor families and single parent homes. I am protective over them... proud of them when the teachers say that they are good.

Plus they are really sensitive... they know when they should behave because their Mother is angry...they know when to say things to make me happy....and even go all the way to the staffroom to check if I need help with books.

Sweet eh?

These are the lil' things that make me happy...

1 Al Biruni will always be special to me...


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