To Expect The Unexpected and to Accept the Unaccepted

on Saturday, 24 July 2010
I always tell myself that students are only hampered by their proficiency in the language. That doesn't mean one slightest bit that they are mentally retarded or do not have the capacity to generate ideas. Even if they are passive, most probably they are just not trained to bring up these ideas even if it was lingering in their heads.

So, for my better form 4 classes, I told them that it's time they were treated as adults. It's time to talk to them about serious things. It's good to talk about issues that really matter.

I started talking about globalization.

A world without speed bumps.

I didn't expect them to suddenly start spewing out their ideas and conceptual opinions about globalization immediately. I know that it is a topic that doesn't scream either fun or lively. I just thought that the kids would appreciate being treated as adults and would want to stake their claim as equals when talking to their teacher.

BIG mistake.

They just  have no idea what is supposed to be said and had no idea what the topic was all about. They just could not participate because they have no idea what is going on and could not provide their opinions because they had none.

Now that becomes a problem.

The concept of discussion can be flushed down the drain because they can't provide any opinions. So I just ended up informing them about what goes on and what is to be expected if ever globalization comes full circle. They were amazed and astonished by the idea of a borderless world. The lecture became somewhat one way and did not muster into the engaging situation I had hoped for. I always want my class to be lively, full of opinionated students even if their ideas are sometimes immature and incomplete in details.

Although I do lecture sometimes; I've never really appreciated that sort of teaching. I only do it if the class is really weak and they need a lot of examples beforehand. In other words, some classes require >70% of time allocated in the preparation step of your lesson plan. I feel this is really old school in terms of the style of teaching. I'm a person who believes in students coming up from their seats and making the mistakes in the classroom during the learning process.

In this class of globalization... I was trying not to resort to that... but I did.

... I guess it's OK.


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