on Wednesday, 27 April 2011
Yo! Am currently in Tawau for Phase 3 & 4 of MBI course. It's a continuation of the course that I attended few weeks ago. This time, the letter came in early, so at least I had some time to arrange my transport etc.

I drove all the way to Tawau. My longest drive ever! Think that Sandakan-Kinabatangan roads are horrible? Try driving in Lahad Datu's road. Gravel roads for quite a stretch because they are currently upgrading the roadworks there. Poor car.. I left Sandakan with a Granite Grey car, reached Tawau in a Muddy Grey car.

Having a car is super flexible! When I am at a new place, something that I will always do is to ask 'What are the food that are to die for here?!' and I did just that. The Tawau people recommended 'Pisang goreng cheese', 'pisang goreng penyet' and mango sago in this place called Indo Cafe. We were all excited to try out the food stated above.

Indo cafe is actually situated in town. With the help of a map drawn by Lili (thanks dear!), we managed to find it.

We ordered 2 sets of pisang goreng cheese and pisang goreng penyet, 2 avocado sago for Eva and Peter (Teachers from Lahad Datu) and one mango sago for myself. How was it? Let the pictures do the talking.

The ultimate banana fritters! Pisang goreng cheese - fried banana with cheddar cheese and brown sugar! To die for!

Pisang goreng penyet - not nice.. not our taste..

Avocado sago - very milky and 'eggy' according to Eva

Mango sago - yummy! Rich in mango taste.. smooth

We were banana-fied that night! We ate so many bananas till we're like super full! The entire meal cost us RM29. Then we went to Vincci! Tawau has a Vincci store! Me love!! Bought a pair of studded wedges.. was in love with it!

Well, trip for food in Tawau so far so good! I mean the food trip.. :P

More updates to come!

Choral Speaking of 5 Ibnu Sina

on Tuesday, 26 April 2011
Last week was a hectic week in school. On Saturday, the Chief Minister of Sabah will be coming to officiate our 'Hari Anugerah Iltizam SMK Elopura 2'. The entire event was brought forward by one week! We had less than a week to settle everything..to make sure that all the programmes run smoothly on that day. I was actually in charge of organizing the price receivers.. thus, not much preparation to do.

The banner and colourful balloons..

Cikgu Nik, the PK HEM told me to help out with the choral speaking team. The school doesn't have a choral speaking team. This team that I am talking about is actually students of 5 Ibnu Sina. They performed choral speaking for English Day which is held every wednesday of the week. I was suprised by the quality of their performance although they had only practice for about a week. Due to still splendid performance, Cikgu Nik suggested to make them perform in front of the Chief Minister.

Camwhoring while waiting for the arrival of CM :P

The nail biting thing is that they have to learn all the moves and gestures within 2 days! 2 days! I was worried myself. Puan Shanti, their English teacher and myself were watching over them like a hawk. They practiced the entire day, trying to perfect the moves etc. Tired faces shown all over their face but the teachers had to keep encouraging them, telling them what a golden opportunity this is and how IMPORTANT is the

CM giving his speech

On THE day... they were all nervous and starting to realize how important their performance will be. Don't talk about them, I myself could feel my heart thumping loudly. I was nervous too despite putting a brave face to the students. I crossed my fingers behind my back as they walked up the stage.

'Oh please God, let them remember all the moves and be confident', my heart whispered.

The 6 minutes performance was a nerve wrecking process. As they finished, I heard loud applause from the audience. They were awesome! I was very proud of them. They smiled, remembered their lines and moves and very confident.

5 Ibnu Sina rocking the stage

The best part has yet to come... before the CM left the school.. he gave us a BIG gift.. he gave us

RM 2 500 cash for the choral speaking team! wooootttt!!

CM loved their performance! I am so PROUD of all of them... very proud! There's just a very satisfied feeling.. I personally feel that this is a big recognition for the students.

5 Ibnu Sina... I AM PROUD OF YOU! You rocked the stage!! WOoooooooooooooooooooo.....

Finally the event is over! Posing with students' gifts.. hehe

p/s: The CM also awarded another RM 2 500 to the Kadet Koreksional for their awesome marching and formation! They really deserve it!

Huff and Puff...

on Saturday, 2 April 2011
I've been teaching English for a year plus now. Follow up 2 classes from Form 1. My special attention to my kids in Form 2 Al Biruni now.

It's really difficult to get these kids to speak English in the classroom. They are not confident, worried that they'll be embarrassed because they're weak. Some are okay.. but most of them hardly speak English except when they need to go to the toilet. (I won't let them go to the toilet unless they ask in English...*evil grin).

After teaching them for a year...nurturing trust and love towards these kids... I see a big leap this year compared to last year. At the first few lessons, a few very weak students still showed reluctance to speak or participate in any English activities especially speaking. Immediately, I expressed my disappointment towards them. I said,

"Teacher very sad. Sangat sedih.. disappointed..kecewa..because you don't want to speak English. I said many times I wont scold you.. saya tak akan marah. You don't read, I marah'

The entire class turned quiet.. a few outspoken ones urged their classmates to speak because they know that I was upset. I turned to other students and ignored them.. deep in my heart, I was indeed very disappointed that they still refuse to speak English.

But to my surprise, in the next class that I entered, I again tried to make the weak students to speak out, they actually DID!! I can't describe my happiness...(i know it's silly..hehehe).. I encouraged them to read text..parroting me slowly.. they read..although with some wrong pronunciation here and there. Quickly, I praised them... telling them that that is what I want to see - to see them read and try to speak in English.

I am trying new ways to make them more familiar with English. I used the idea given by my boyfriend, Adrian about putting up sentences on the board and make them learn the sentences. They actually like it. I am going to change the sentences next week and they can't wait to learn new sentences.

My next project will be a reading corner - something that I wanted to do since last year but failed to do so. I have already collected enough materials to start one. Really hope the corner will make them attracted to English.

Gambate 2 Al Biruni! You've been progressing well and you have no idea how proud am I!!


on Friday, 1 April 2011
Hi Hi... Announcing my arrival for year 2011! Haha... been ages since I pen down..sorry..type down anything for the year. Here I am!

Currently in a class for a course, in IPG Tawau English Proficiency for Teachers - especially for non-option English teachers.

Personally, I gained a bit here and there from this course, especially when the lecturer swayed away from the topic, talking about how to teach this and that, which I think it's more useful for us, the newbies to ESL world.

I really hope they will conduct another course for methodology/ pedagogy in English. I think that'll really help us all.

I really cant wait to go back! Tonnes of work waiting for me back in Sandakan!

p/s: Here are some pictures to share!

My group members for the course - nice people!


Our imaginary superhero for ultimate reader - Bibliotecha! Sexy right? hohoho..

Dinner at this place called Taste Two.. about 40mins away from IPG Tawau

With Eva - the Amber Chia look-alike.. ;P