Why so serious?

on Thursday, 24 June 2010
I can't stand it. I try to become a different, more serious teacher just to see how I can shake things up a little bit and make my students wonder about my moods. I like the fact that I can get quite unpredictable at times, catching them off guard with my antics (whether good or bad). I feel that it's kind of important that students don't get you too well and start to assume certain things from you even before you enter the classroom. I also don't like it if students are not in the mood or are feeling too stressed out when listening to your class. It's of course my doing as well if I have made the classroom into something less tolerable but... I try. I do.

So, my comfortable place in the classroom is when I crack jokes. I can't help it. I'm this joke cracker. I'm this wise guy who tries to make fun out of everything I see and it is well accepted (I think) in my lessons. At least, I know some of them are genuinely tickled by some of my jokes or pranks. However, I do feel that it is also important to not let the students feel like you're a clown and allow them to make fun of me. They can make fun of my jokes but not me. 

Anyway, getting that line clear is not the problem. The problem is how do I try to change my pesona every now and then. I want to be the teacher that has multiple personalities. They can't put a pin on me. I want them to be on their toes at all times so that I can catch them off guard instead of them getting into a rhythm before I even start the classroom.

Probably though, it's not entirely a bad thing. Maybe if the kids are already into a certain rhythm before I enter the classroom, it's not entirely a bad thing. Assuming that they are all out to study, maybe getting into the groove before the classroom will make things more smooth sailing. Maybe it's just me thinking too much about things that don't really matter. I realise too that I feel the need for people to become too existentialistic. In other words, I feel that sometimes the actions of a person though very noble can be completely bogus if I know that what they do does not equate to what they want to do.

Well, having said that, I feel that students already know that they can expect a few laughs in my classroom. They know that I know my stuff and they can't shrew away from it. They know they can't cheat me in terms of the language or try to get unruly while I'm around. They know that there's an unwritten contract if things get too ugly and I don't like it, they're bound to suffer bad consequences. I guess, probably they are waiting for those jokes and tricks to surface at times because they want to break out from the placid norms of the everyday classroom. Probably the other classes are not getting the necessary endorphin excretion that they are longing for these short bursts of Hu! Hu!'s and Ha! Ha!'s.

Why so serious?
-The Joker-


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