on Monday, 5 July 2010

There is not one thing that can shake up my classroom more than the mentioning of the word - ghost. It's a real taboo in my school. I think it's not just a taboo in my school but the entire Kinabatangan population. There is a certain trauma that they go through when this topic is unearthed... oops, I mean... discussed.

Can anyone blame them? I think not. It has been a real emotional turmoil for the children to have seen and heard things that have been explained to them as supernatural. Not only has it been imposed to them as something out of the ordinary... or otherworldly, sometimes, the blame is being put on them. I'm not 100% in agreement with that although there are some diva cases that are obviously fake and need to be given a good sucker punch to the gut.

So, being the person who dares tread the barren moors, I told them to write a paragraph about their ghostly encounters!



Seeing the looks on their faces says it all. They were excited but freakishly scared at the same time. It was like telling them that:

OK, for the next class, I'll bring Emily Rose, we'll practise exorcism for 2 periods.

Remember to bring your very own wand tomorrow. We'll practise Patronum on the Dementors tomorrow.

I just love freaking them out.


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