Gifts Ungiven

on Monday, 26 July 2010
I'm honestly very irritated by my students not completing my work. I'm being dead serious when I say that all my work does not take any real hassle to complete at all. Most of it is probably already done in class and students have to just complete it at home. There's really nothing much to fuss about. If I realise that the work is slightly difficult, I give them ample time to complete it; fully aware of competency being a problem and it'll take time to finish.

I told them that if they still could not produce something for me within that given time, it really does show problems not in their levels of intellect but their interest in personal development. I have no problems working with students with poor proficiency or have many errors in their work. The point is to complete the work with those errors so I can help them where they are at a lost. If you don't do it, I have no idea which part of the puzzle is missing in your English labyrinth.

The greatest pride that my students can have is my undying interest in their work, progress, and development. I told them that if they continued to show inconsistency in completing my work punctually, they will end up losing that privilege that I give them so loosely. I can revert to your ordinary by the book and don't ask don't tell teacher. I can just do that - nothing will happen to me, life still goes on for me. It's them that need this attention. You can't expect me to continue being interested in someone who is not interested in his/her own development. I'll push for it of course but everyone has their threshold when it comes to persuasion and encouragement.

In fact, if I selectively and consciously tell them that I am only interested in people who show me that interest, they will find themselves set aside while those who are punctual and proactive continue to advance due to my keen attention towards them. Never will I tell them that I completely neglect them forever. Just until I see some initiative from them; to start showing some backbone and put their backs in completing my work. I will never give up on them even though they stop. It is purposeful neglect that I do to push them to gain back my attention and confidence in their work - which is something I constantly remind them that I'm so keen to be involved in their development.

I don't give up.

I stop giving.


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