on Monday, 19 July 2010

Making my grand entrance with my very first blog entry in my love of my life's blog. Glad that I am blogging with him... we both have many things in common..we are both teaching..and we are teaching English. The difference is that he majors in English and I don't.

If you noticed my title, you must have guessed it right that I am gonna complain about something boring.

Just a brief intro about what I am currently teaching. I am an English teacher to three Form 1 classes.. one below average class and 2 weak classes. So you can imagine how much I have to go through to teach these students English which is actually a foreign language to them. Not only are they weak, they are really hyperactive, especially their mouths. Non-stop talking and giving remarks every now and then, in fact sometimes giving irrelevant remarks that can drive you up the wall.

Just 2 weeks ago, I was given a timetable for extra class. I was assigned to teach 3A English during the extra class. I was happy getting a good class because teaching will be easy and the chance to use English would be more. Today was the class, I went in cheerfully hoping that the class would be active and responsive. To my disappointment, it was the other way round.

The class was awfully quiet. Pin drop silence. They can't or should I say don't want to answer my questions at all.

''Class, have you done active and passive sentences?''

Silence. *Eyes all staring at me

''Do you understand what I am saying?''

Silence. *Still staring

I was like ''Ah..what a dead class...''

I am used to having kids jumping up and down.... screaming out answers in my class. My Form 1 kids are very active...they might be weak but they actively participate in my class. That is what I prefer though sometimes it's tiring and I have to keep nagging them.

No doubt, this A class is easier to teach, you only need to explain once and they grasp the idea. No need to explain again and again....but if the class is so quiet, it's really awkward. I'll be wondering if they can understand or think that whatever I am teaching is just too easy for them. A lot of questions will run through my mind. Maybe I should do something to provoke them, break their protective shell... or are all the smart students so quiet?

After this experience, I really appreciate my experience teaching weaker students who are more responsive and active. I do like their participation in the class.. laugh at their stupid remarks and quirks. They actually make my teaching experience more interesting.

Well...at least this is my preference.


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