Keeping things light

on Wednesday, 24 February 2010
Nothing is more challenging than getting students to like something they've always hated.

I find it very challenging to try to break the status quo of 'hating' English amongst my students. It is difficult when someone already has a preconception of something or someone - trying to change that will take a multitude of tasks and hip-hip hooraying before they can get back into the groove of learning. I just noticed that some of my students actually did not look forward for English classes initially and they admitted that they were very despondent when it comes to the English classes.

Slowly, they confessed that the mood during the English classes are shifting into a different gear. It is even more apparent when the class that I'm not teaching now is wanting me to teach them again because the sudden change of mood in the classroom to them is not that interesting (according to them, of course, I'd think that a more experienced teacher is almost definitely better).

Let's face it. Students love fun. If they can have fun while learning, why not?

Especially kids with very poor proficiency. They are already below the learning curve and are struggling to keep up with the ongoing syllabus. It is up to the teacher to shift gears and make sure that the students are following the momentum of learning.

I'm trying my best to bring a lot of fun and engagement in the classroom.

I just hope I don't run out of ideas. Google really helps.


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