on Wednesday, 24 February 2010
Tomorrow is the celebration of the Muslims prophet Nabi Muhammad S.A.W. and my school is pumped with a lot of wonderful activities for the Muslim students. This is great. In my opinion, the good thing that religion can do to a society is to bring everyone together regardless of their race to celebrate a common interest and festival. It's really great that almost all of the teachers are excited about the day.

So what about the non-Muslim students?

Yours truly is the teacher in charge of the non-Muslim students. Importantly, I didn't want to lose out in terms of activities compared to the ones planned out for the Muslim students. Since the non-Muslims in my school are only a handful (probably 40+ students in the entire school), I thought it will be cool to bring them to an open area to play some nice games involving them sitting in circles, involving them to run around to do some tasks. This of course with the help of the handful of non-Muslim teachers (all 8 of them) facilitating the activities that I have planned out.

However, some teachers think otherwise. They feel that it would be better to let the students sit in the access room or computer lab, show a movie, and let them sit there in the room with movies the whole day. I mean, it's OK in the sense that it'll be manageable (or no need to manage them since they'll just be cooped up in the room) and students get to enjoy air conditioning. However, I was really looking forward to some games and some character-building activities.

It is sad how I felt the need to conform to some of the teacher's opinions. How I wish that I was a more senior teacher. I'd be like:

"Takpe, takpe, biarlah kita bermain dengan pelajar. Jarang diaorang dapat main macam ini. Main je simple-simple."

I just felt obliged to say:

"Oklah, apa saja yang cikgu-cikgu rasakan baik. Saya pun tak nak susahkan cikgu-cikgu semua, tapi mula-mula saya merancang nak bermain games dengan mereka di dewan terbuka. Simple je, tapi kalau cikgu-cikgu rasa takpe, biar je lah. Kita tayang movie,"

I somehow just hate myself for saying those words.


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