Twit Twitted Twitting

on Monday, 10 January 2011
For some unknown reason... I sorta had a revelation in my volatile brain to make bird sounds..

And due to that peculiar fancy that probably lasted for 5-7.5 mins, I've just decided to set up a birdy account. Yup. Tasty English's author and authoress are now officially twitting.

I've so far twitted 4 times when this post was written.

Will be twitting more as the bird-mood is still there.

Twit me if you can. I'm at adriantan_85 if you come flocking around...

Now... How do I add that button here... Hmmmm


Anonymous said...

Got to this when I searched for you ( Hello, by the way ). Found nobody and everybody.

Mary Mooo

Government Agent said...


i get what you mean... probably use my email? it's the same

hello to you too, mary

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