Leading the Pack

on Sunday, 23 January 2011
To be a good leader, one must first learn to follow.

I believe strongly in the idea of strong and authoritative leadership. In fact, these leaders are the ones who get things done with their no nonsense attitudes and headstrong decision making abilities. It's not an easy task in any way which makes it so revered and respected when one can attain those attributes. However, being able to step down and micro-manage your colleagues is no easy task as well. In this case, it's not a leader who necessarily steps into character but a co-worker.

I believe that good leadership is reflected also by how well and willing the comrades aid the leader during battles. A good general is always the first one to hoist the flag and the last one still holding it in the heat of battle. He is one that steps out first to battle in order to boost the morale of his army to join him in the crusade. He is also accessible and at arms reach to watch the backs of his privates and is the first one to save their butts when their legs can hold them up no longer. A good leader must be able to gain the trust of his comrades.

To be able to be with kings but not lose the common touch.

Many leaders end up segregating themselves with the commonfolk. Unknowingly or consciously, they tend to set themselves apart in ways that would only create uncomfortable bonds and to lose the soft skills among the people you work with is only going to make things more difficult. A leader I believe to be swift in duty is also swift in supporting the welfare of his comrades. A general cannot win the was with wounded soldiers let alone angry and demoralized ones.

With that being said, I humbly serve you first in order to gain your trust and cooperation.


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