Getting the Word Out

on Monday, 3 January 2011
I have the honour of teaching the first 2 form 5 classes. They are the previous form 4 classes that I have thought for a year now and they are result of hard convincing and trying to get them to liken English.


Not improve in English, but just to liken English..

I think that's a fair objective. It's important to first and foremost try to get your students to love English. I'm not sure if it's entirely a good thing but also to love you and everything that you do and are in the class. I deeply believe that a students who loves the teacher and the subject (no matter who the teacher is) will somehow have a significant advantage over one that hasn't any inclination towards likening that subject.

Therefore, I gave the students a year-long project.

Each student has to encourage/promote/improve another person in school from a lower form to liken English. That's right. I told them that it is their duty as a person who already likes English to spread that emotion and connection to at least another individual in school.


I told them that if you can get 1 other person in school other than yourself to like something that has to be seen/heard/read/talked in English, that would be a major breakthrough. In fact, I went as far as to say that the failure or success of the person in the language itself is not important - getting their interest in that English subject (subject being any form of media or form) is already good enough.

Spread it out!

Tell the tales!

Share the music!

Trade pirated DVDs!!!.... erm... OK, maybe not that (*disclaimer)

By the end of every month, they'll just have to submit a short and simple profile report of that person they are trying to influence to me for evaluation and responses.

I hope that at the same time that they try to promote something about English to another, they develop deeper interests towards this subject.... and by teaching another, they learn faster and practice more.

We'll see how my promoters use their monthly quota.


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