You Got To Put Your Behind~ In Your Past... Eh???

on Tuesday, 31 August 2010
Until today, The Lion King is one of my most-est best-est favourite movie of all time. It's funny, visually breathtaking, culturally colourful, and of course... the music - hmmm... perfecto.

With scenes like this one, can you not watch it?

When I asked my form 4 students if they've watch The Lion King, as usual, only 1 or 2 said yes. The rest of them, even some who seem to be better in English and should be exposed to some form of English media shook their heads when I asked. They know it's a cartoon and they've seen posters or ads about it somewhere but watch the movie? Natha.

I think as their English teacher, it isn't really about giving them exercises and lessons all the time. What I did the past few lessons was to show them these classic English movies (cartoons actually) and they really appreciate the time off. Of course, this is because they did such a great job in their previous exercises hence this movie screening is some sorta reward. Just my way of telling them Don't think I'm gonna show you movies all the time without you guys giving me somethin' somethin'...

There's really no justice in my world if their English teacher didn't give them the chance to watch these kind of movies. It's really sad if throughout their lifetime, they don't get to watch these classics. It's my monumental responsibility that all my students get a chance to watch that movie. It's my duty to let them watch that movie. It's not a waste of time; not a pointless 2 period wasted just watching a movie. In my opinion, these priceless moments of someone finally showing us this English movie we never got to see is important in a student's life. For any cynic out there saying that watching movies is just an easy way out for teachers to relax.. well, I've only got one thing to say to you:

Hakuna Matata


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