Kinabatangan's Project Runway

on Friday, 27 August 2010
This entire month was fashion month.

That's right... fashion month.

Girls love fashion

As usual, I love to talk about things that make my students tick. Both my form 4 classes are dominated by girls. In fact, one of the classes only has 2 boys in it. So, fashion is something that definitely the entire class can learn to appreciate (in fact, the boys hopped into the bandwagon too). 

The entire month, we talked/debated/designed and even had a fashion show at the end of this month. You'd be surprised at how much they know and don't know about something that they adore so much. As a teacher, I'm glad to be able to bring in topics of discussion that students personally feel attached to. Honestly, it's difficult to talk about things like Christmas or maybe outer-space travelling when they have no personal attachment to it at all. Having said that, sometimes we still forcefully introduce alien topics to them too. It's all about enriching their present knowledge.

In this show, students have to present out clothes made out of recycled materials or things that people don't want anymore. I told them that the cost to make the clothes should be near 0 because I didn't want anyone to take out any money to make the outfits. This was mentioned a month earlier so that the students have 1 month to design and amend it before the fashion show. 25th of August, 2010 - 2 fashion shows that were even attended by my colleagues (thanks guys) were held and I was really, truly inspired.

My kids can really design.

Seriously... they looked almost like this (too bad I have no camera)

I just want to say BRAVO to the students for coming up with jaw-dropping designs that took me by surprise! I can't believe how talented they are in designing/sewing/improvising unwanted materials into exquisite designs.

Fantastic. I'm really impressed.


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