Behind Closed Doors

on Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Recently, this video made headlines in TV3. It showcased the presence of a few teachers and 1 student bickering in what appears to be an office or staffroom. The student was obviously being taken in for some disciplinary action (whether or not that student is at fault is not something I will discuss) or just for plain discussion.

What is more interesting to talk about is not about who is right and who is wrong. I feel very uneasy to talk about that because there are just too many variables and questions that cannot be answered just by watching the video. For example:

Was the student really guilty of something he had done?

Did the teacher say anything to insinuate such behaviour?

Was the exchange by either person before the recording cynical or demeaning in any way?

Is there already recorded past behaviour that led to the hostility between these individuals?

Until these actions and questions can be proven, I dare not say who is right or wrong. In fact, it'll be unjustifiable for both sides to be judged based solely on this video.

What interests me more is the actual recording of this event.

How did this manage to proliferate among outsiders and get into 

How is it possible that the recording staged could have been even made public knowing that the faces of both individuals are clearly seen in the video? 

Why should there be a recording of such behaviour anyway? 

Are we supposed to expose these behaviours in school for others to help teachers discipline children? 

What happened to the confidentiality between disciplinary cases to protect the identity of both children and teachers?

I find this action of recording and posting it up on to be very invasive.


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