They're special...

on Thursday, 12 August 2010
They may not be academically inclined as the others but they'll always have a special place in my heart.

Here is Scenario 1:

Left hand carrying my textbook and my right hand was carrying a rather heavy bag filled with manila cards, old newspapers and some stationaries. As I walk up to the second floor, kids from 1F came running to the stairs, stretching out their hands.."teacher, teacher..saya ambilkan"

About 5 of them came when the things that I was holding only needed 2 kids to carry. One carried my red bag... another carried my textbook and record book... the third kid carried my pencil box. The other 2 were trying to snatch away what the first 3 were carrying.

Here is Scenario 2:

I was carrying the same things that I carried to the first class. This second class of mine just watched me from afar... watched me struggled with these heavy things. When the class ended, my hands were full but not a single help was offered. They were more eager to chase me out of the class so that they can head back home. Many of them waiting eagerly at the door to run out of the class. RUDE...plain rude.


this is supposedly the smarter class...the smarter kids.

Who will have a special place in my heart?

Enough said.


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