on Thursday, 1 April 2010
I'm not a poet at all... but here goes...
Supposed to come up with something for choral speaking instead...

By: Tan Shueh Li @ Adrian

The ocean’s resource, the beginning of earth,
The big blue planet, from the waters gave birth,
The lives that are, from where we came,
Gives Mother Earth its rightful name,

A streak of crimson ray of light,
Breaks the cold and lonely night,
Awakes the sound of silent sleep,
Our sun with energy, it does not keep,

The greatest savannahs and misty mountains,
Our paradise and our real-life heavens,
Umbrella canopies, our forest domes,
Gives us a safe place to call it home,

Trees stand tall and spread their reach,
The greens look bright and never dead,
Roots run deep into the soils so rich,
The very ground of nature’s bed,

All eyes open and limbs all stretched,
Creatures awake for their morning catch,
The sound of roosters and rustling leaves,
Time for crickets to roll their sleeves,

From little critters to magnificent beasts,
Even tree-ants help out at the very least,
Symbiotic chains built from mutual trust,
To live together, this harmony is a must,

The big blue whale with its strength and grace,
Has not an evil look in its face,
Shows to us the mighty and the strong,
Just needs peace to get along,

From the shadows creeps a horrible monster,
With fangs of steel and teeth of a chopper,
Start to hack, chew, and choke,
The once majestic old mighty oak,

Tumble and crash makes a crying sound,
In this chaos, peace can never be found,
Why? Innocence? That all doesn’t matter,
If you are there, you better scatter,

The once blue sea from whence we came,
Its life and beauty will never be the same,
The once mighty whale that ruled its depths,
Will slowly vanish with the faintest breath,

Deep blue seas now jet black oil,
Vast laid cement covering nourishing soil,
Lush green forests and flourishing meadows,
Now just tall blocks casting us with shadows,

Helpless and speechless, our lands of green,
The crimes which cannot be spoken or seen,
The sight of a figure that is small but bad,
A creature once a friend but has turned mad,

Bloodshot eyes with a grin so evil,
The very living incarnate of the devil,
With technology and weapons to slice and dice,
Without ever thinking once or twice,

What can be done against this whim?
With a mind hell-bent and viciously grim,
Destroying everything that dares come near,
Makes death so ugly, it shrouds you with fear.

So here is the message if you still do not feel,
That we are just slowly trying to kill,
Mother Earth who has never, ever taken,
Without providing everything it can in return,

Give life a chance to take a breath,
Do not lead it to its certain death,
We plead and beg for you to see,
Our earth should live for an eternity,


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