on Tuesday, 30 March 2010
Why is it that the best class that gives the least contributions in terms of language practice?

Is it difficult for them? No.

Is it beyond their comprehension? No.

What causes them to not want to participate in the drama that is in our literature component?

They are emotionally dry and so colourless.

That's right. Colourless. It is difficult to get students to participate if they are not willing to do it.

I can work with people who are willing to try but are not talented. I have and had many students who go all out to work hard to try the things I teach them. In fact, it is normally those that try their best no matter what their competency is that succeeds.

I do not wish to sound like a cold-hearted person that sounds as though he could care less about people who do not wish to help themselves. I just can't stop feeling that students at a more mature age should already decide for themselves what they should do in life that would benefit their existence on earth. You want to become someone who does not show any initiative at all?

I know my role as an educator is to be a motivator as well. When students feel down and out, it is up to me to bring back their spirits in learning and enjoying their subject. In fact, I am the first to vote that teachers are directly responsible to draw out the learning interest in his/her students. I am the motivator in the classroom. As much as I teach students to become competent, I must help encourage students who are low in competency to not give up and improve as much as they can.

So, how about students who are already competent but just do not want to do anything? Or students who are already competent but do not wish to say anything? What if the students are too comfortable giving output in writing only and shun the speaking part of English?

Inflexibility, shallowness, and complete complacency for mediocre performances.

Be my guest. I will not tolerate such insolence.


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