You... you make me feel brand new...

on Thursday, 8 April 2010
A fresh page for a fresh change,
Though seems at first a little strange,
To the eyes so pleasing at every corner,
Navigate out if you find it a bother,

As the divine power of this blogging page,
I can choose to do what I want at any stage,
To give it life or to end it's existence,
I'm the one in control of its growth and decadence.

Don't know why I chose to make this rhyme,
When this week I really have little time,
To think it rhymes really isn't my kind of thing,
Instead, I would love to think of it as rapping,

April's the month to start anew,
For this is the month to act the fool,
So I think I should introduce myself properly.
The walking definition of sexy, Tan Shueh Li.


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