on Tuesday, 13 April 2010
So, teaching them the graphic novel Journey to the Centre of the Earth really is interesting. There are so many things that you could do right from the introduction step to the following chapters. What I did with them in my lesson was Coded Messages.

I told them that they had to think like Arne Saknnussem in the novel. They'll have to write out a coded message that could be deciphered by their friends using very simple numeric codes given by me. After writing down the codes, they'll give the books to me which will then be shuffled and given back randomly to different students to decipher. They LOVE it!

For example: A = 1, B = 2, and etc...

So, for a message that writes Adrian has sexy legs would be coded as:

1/4/18/9/1/14     8/1/19     19/5/24/25      12/5/7/19

I mean, it doesn't have to be sexy legs... it could be:

Adrian has sexy arms
Adrian has slightly larger than average but not visibly obnoxious testicles
Adrian has the most well shaped Adam's apple
Adrian has the most well-toned beer belly.

... you get the picture...

Kids really like it that they get to make secret codes and leave secret messages in their books. Even if it's as simple as this. Eventually, I changed the numeric code into other symbols based on my discretion which made it more difficult but they still loved it. I highly recommend it to teachers as a great activity for the first chapter or the introduction to the great traveler Arne Saknnussem.

So, here goes... unedited as always


10. Don't touch my book. Please give me back.

9. My father has en airoplane he has bought from USA.

8. The doctor was poking about among the rows of printed circut inside the colum.

7. I love my family forever and ever until I die. (awwwwww)

6. Hurry! Climb the tree and take the rambutans!

5. I will kill you if you tell my secret.

4. When I grow up, I want to go to the centre of the earth.

3. Gukky bear.

2. Today is my birthday! (so happened, it really was her birthday!)

My teacher English is very handsome.

*insert big band jazzy ending, with lots of confetti, balloons dropping down from the dome ceiling, can-can girls dancing, Jessica Alba holding out the award for Most handsome English teacher of the year and me sobbing my brains out saying "You really love me!! You really, reallly love me!" as I walk up to the podium to receive my well-deserved acknowledgment. End all of this commotion with a gentleman's bow from mua and pyrotechnics going crazy with neon lights blinking "Most Deserving Recipient of the Year".

I say... I really know how to make myself feel good.


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Hahahahaha.... Adrian, seriously, don't you think your student is just trying to be nice????!!! XD

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