Story 1-2-3

on Tuesday, 2 March 2010
I think this is an interesting game to play with weak students. Not only will this be an easy game, it will also automatically force students to come up to the board to try and solve the task.

Really easy game, just instruct them that each student will be given the marker to continue a story that has the beginning already written by the teacher. For example:

Once upon a time, there lived a beautiful princess who... 

This will then be continued on by the students one by one. Each student called comes up to fill out the story with just one word for the first student. The second student comes up to write down 2 words only. The third student 3 words only. This is then reset back to 1 word for the fourth student and so on and so forth.

Kids just love this game. They don't like it when a student takes too much time to think about the next word and automatically exclaim out ENGLISH suggestions to their friends to write on the board. Even the shiest students come up willingly to write down that one word they've been saving.

The only problem is, this game could be time consuming. I had to facilitate and hushed students who were obviously walking slowly and still dilly-dallying in front of the board. With the help of prompting students, you can ensure everyone will put down their contribution on the board to write out a story.

Interesting. After a while, I might play it again.


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