I'm not speaking your language but I can still talk to you

on Saturday, 13 March 2010
Student: Sir, boleh saya berjumpa dengan Sir X?
Me: Excuse me?
Student: *shows shy signs by covering his face and scratching his head
Student: Anu... apa... nak jumpa sama Sir X...
Me: You want to meet up with?
Student: Mr. X.
Me: Oh, please say it properly...
Student: Em.. I want to.. jumpa sama Cikgu X.
Me: I want to meet....
Student: I want to meet Cikgu X.
Me: I want to meet with Mr....
Student: I want to meet with Mr. X.
Me: Good. Yes, you may meet with Mr. X.
Student: Thank you, sir.


Me: Students, please hand in your literature exercise book.
Student A: Ah?? Literature? Tapi, hari ini bukan essay ka?
Me: Yeah, but I told you in the previous class to bring it today, right?
Class: YES!!!
Student A: Ah... tapi, lupa bah sir..
Me: Forgot? Why? What is wrong with you?
Student: Takde sir... lupa ba...
Me: How then? Everyone brought their books. Only you haven't.
Student: Bolehka dihantar esok?
Me: Tomorrow? You want to give me tomorrow?
Student: Yes, tomorrow.
Me: Please put it on my table EARLY IN THE MORNING. BEFORE 8AM
Student: Yes sir.


Ivan Tan said...

now only i know that some students don't even know how to speak a single word in english..

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