Too short a foresight

on Wednesday, 3 March 2010
After I finished marking the exam papers, I'm just so glad to see the good ones doing well as they are expected to.

The ones who got poor results, remember, it is a step by step process to improve. Results are important but we must never fail to see the larger picture - effort.

I for one am very happy that almost all my students are always exuberant when doing my work and participating in my activities. I know some of you don't see it as beneficial because you want more exam drilling exercises. I am not saying that exam drills are not effective. It's just not the only way to do it. You have so many strategies in mastering a language. Don't make it a chore to make yourself proficient. You're just going to find it too stressful. Language is something that takes time to learn. If you are one that has 13% worth of English, the appropriate goal would be to set it at probably 20-30% in this short time; with 30% already pushing it.

I want all of my students to understand that learning does not come from feeding them with exam information. Learning is a process where we experience and take in the everyday talks/discussions/problem solving situations and try to make it applicable in our daily lives. If you don't see it now, I don't blame you because it is not an orthodox style I see in our teaching and learning styles.

You might not be used to it but that doesn't mean it is not going to work.

Do not reject something that you are not certain it is not the right way for you.

Being the teacher, I'm more aware of the mistakes and improvement that you are making.

Trust me, I won't jeopardize your language as it is. It can only get better. The thing that is the issue here is not if you can or cannot it in that way.

It is pace.


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