on Friday, 1 April 2011
Hi Hi... Announcing my arrival for year 2011! Haha... been ages since I pen down..sorry..type down anything for the year. Here I am!

Currently in a class for a course, in IPG Tawau English Proficiency for Teachers - especially for non-option English teachers.

Personally, I gained a bit here and there from this course, especially when the lecturer swayed away from the topic, talking about how to teach this and that, which I think it's more useful for us, the newbies to ESL world.

I really hope they will conduct another course for methodology/ pedagogy in English. I think that'll really help us all.

I really cant wait to go back! Tonnes of work waiting for me back in Sandakan!

p/s: Here are some pictures to share!

My group members for the course - nice people!


Our imaginary superhero for ultimate reader - Bibliotecha! Sexy right? hohoho..

Dinner at this place called Taste Two.. about 40mins away from IPG Tawau

With Eva - the Amber Chia look-alike.. ;P


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