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on Saturday, 2 April 2011
I've been teaching English for a year plus now. Follow up 2 classes from Form 1. My special attention to my kids in Form 2 Al Biruni now.

It's really difficult to get these kids to speak English in the classroom. They are not confident, worried that they'll be embarrassed because they're weak. Some are okay.. but most of them hardly speak English except when they need to go to the toilet. (I won't let them go to the toilet unless they ask in English...*evil grin).

After teaching them for a year...nurturing trust and love towards these kids... I see a big leap this year compared to last year. At the first few lessons, a few very weak students still showed reluctance to speak or participate in any English activities especially speaking. Immediately, I expressed my disappointment towards them. I said,

"Teacher very sad. Sangat sedih.. disappointed..kecewa..because you don't want to speak English. I said many times I wont scold you.. saya tak akan marah. You don't read, I marah'

The entire class turned quiet.. a few outspoken ones urged their classmates to speak because they know that I was upset. I turned to other students and ignored them.. deep in my heart, I was indeed very disappointed that they still refuse to speak English.

But to my surprise, in the next class that I entered, I again tried to make the weak students to speak out, they actually DID!! I can't describe my happiness...(i know it's silly..hehehe).. I encouraged them to read text..parroting me slowly.. they read..although with some wrong pronunciation here and there. Quickly, I praised them... telling them that that is what I want to see - to see them read and try to speak in English.

I am trying new ways to make them more familiar with English. I used the idea given by my boyfriend, Adrian about putting up sentences on the board and make them learn the sentences. They actually like it. I am going to change the sentences next week and they can't wait to learn new sentences.

My next project will be a reading corner - something that I wanted to do since last year but failed to do so. I have already collected enough materials to start one. Really hope the corner will make them attracted to English.

Gambate 2 Al Biruni! You've been progressing well and you have no idea how proud am I!!


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