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on Wednesday, 13 October 2010
Well, after blogging for a while and realising that this blog has a small following... I thought it's time to take this blogging thing up a notch.

Yeah... I think I should take this thing seriously..

With great power, comes great responsibility...
                                                            -Ben Parker-

I recently purchased a Canon MP245 printer with 3 in 1 functions (printer/scanner/photocopier). Having now taught for a little while, I think sharing and giving things out to other teachers is crucial if I were to be really serious when I talk about trying to improve and making a difference.

I wanna make a difference. That is one of the many reasons why I wanted to be a teacher. In fact, probably it's one of the biggest reasons why I decided to be a teacher.

Therefore, I also want to say that if there are any teachers who want certain exam papers from Sabah, or are not sure about some of the schematics and answer schemes for the School Based Oral Assessment (SBOA) and other things, I am willing to share these documents (which aren't confidential anyway) for free. 100% FREE.

Not sure what I mean or how this whole thing goes?

Let me break it down to ya:

1. You want to see the PMR trial exam paper from Sabah.
2. You email me at; or just message in Facebook; or if you know me personally, call me and tell me what you want.
3. I'll tell you about the availability of the test and if I can share it (only if it's confidential).
4. I scan the paper, and email it to you.
5. You receive the email.
6. You jump in joy and give me virtual kisses and hugs.
7. I slap you with a restraining order.

Well, you can skip steps 6-7 if you're not a stalker...

... but teachers (being professionals), I think you know how this goes. This is just to show that I really appreciate the followers and readers who have been loyal in reading my blog entries.... this is just something I can give back.

Plus... I just want to share the love.


hamzah nor said...

like2..share the love, share the passion..haha

i'm not a stalker but i like the sixth

how bout the tertiary education exam? do you have it?

Government Agent said...

hahaha... unfortunately I don't have access to those exams directly.

I could try looking for you but I doubt I can.

Think 'school'

Glad you can start posting comments

hamzah nor said...

its my pleasure to follow this gives me inspiration..bravo..please keep it updated..hihi

and i'm so sorry because sometimes i use your idea in writing my journal @ homework without acknowledge you..

thanks for this marvelous masterpiece..:)

Government Agent said...

Don't worry.

Unlike some academicians, I have no problem in people sharing my materials. That's why I have a 'Share the Love' concept... hehehehe...

I'm honoured you do.

hamzah nor said...

glad to hear that u gives me permission to plagiard your work..hihi..not really copying all of your ideas..don't worry..

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