Being Specific

on Thursday, 28 October 2010
Well, just so you know.. if you're going to be a teacher, there's such a thing as item analysis.

I'm sure you're wondering what that is.

It's basically counting what your students answered, how they answered it, and what were the options they missed. It sounds complicated when I put it this way... in other words, you do:

1. Take a students answer sheet and type in Microsoft Excel:
     a) what was answer number 1? A
     b) what was answer number 2? C

... and this goes on for ALL the questions.

So, fellow teachers... imagine if 1 paper has 40 questions...

You have 30 students per class,

Multiply 5 classes.

Well, I'm not that good in maths anyway.

I just know it's a lot.


hamzah nor said...

is that for real?? huh~~ (long sigh)

Government Agent said...

believe it

hyde vs jekyll said...

huh~ my god..well, come and visit my blog..amateur work

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