Feelings o Feelings

on Saturday, 16 October 2010
Announcing my re-appearance after a long absence. I am feeling a bit emotional these few days.. reasons? Not too sure..

To come to think of it, being a teacher is difficult.. not difficult because the students drive you up the wall because to me, it's the nature of the job. The most difficult part is not to let your own feelings control you and release the feelings to the students.

I had experienced this situations before when teachers released their anger or negative emotions to the students. Back when I was a student, I just dislike these teachers because they treated us that way.

I wouldn't deny that I did it before. But... I am glad that I realized it and will switch the mood immediately. It's not fair to the students.. not knowing what happened, they'll be scolded and scowled at.

But I am only human.. have feelings too.. get moody once in a while..


being a teacher... I guess.. I just have to learn how to control it and not channel my negative energy to the students.

I love my students to be cheerful... my class to be fun and not dead silence.

Being a teacher? Not easy.. but I will never give up.


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