English School Song

on Friday, 22 October 2010
I'm proud to announce that after a long period of discussions, evaluations, and talking...

SMK Bukit Garam II has an English school song.


I'm proud to say that 4 Dalton managed to do a decent job with my help to translate/rewrite the song. I didn't know that they started singing the English song EVERYDAY instead of the BM song! That just shows how excited they are and how patriotic they are now with a song that they created on their own.

SMK Bukit Garam II
English School Song

SMK Bukit Garam II
The school that we really love,
With our pride we proclaim its name,
The hope of our glorious land.

All the teachers kind and diligent,
Always educating us,
Towards fantastic achievements,
To bring the best out of ourselves.

Our lovely school full of harmony
Knowledge is our cherished prize,
Our academy, we pledge loyalty
to be bright, astute and devout.

We are students of the greatest school,
Always steadfast in our strides,
To be the best of all mankind,
Victorious now and for all time,
Victorious now and for all time,
Victorious now and for all time.

proclaim – say out loud
glorious land – great country
harmony – peace and calm
academy – place of study
pledge loyalty – give commitment
cherished – care about deeply
astute – smart/honourable
devout – committed
steadfast – don’t easily give up/steady
strides – forward movements/walking with big steps

Written by 4 Dalton 2010
Supervised by Tan Shueh Li @ Adrian (English Teacher)
Approved by Siti Suraya Jamil (Head of English Department)
Approved by SMK Bukit Garam II Principal Tuan Haji Mordin Bin Haji Mohd Daud


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