Snatched Saturdays

on Friday, 7 May 2010
This Saturday, my school is having a Latihan Dalam Perkhidmatan (LDP) which basically means a course that teachers have to go through to improve their services in school. Great right? It's really great that the system is trying to take some initiative to improve the quality of its members.

The course we're about to take is stress management.

Stress Management

Seriously... stress management? Stress management?

On a Saturday? Dragging teachers out from their weekends to go to school for the ENTIRE afternoon to go for a stress management course? Dragging teachers from the only time they can let out all the stocked up pressure and workload back to school is supposed to be less stressful?

Say it with me...

You cannot be serious man!!! You cannot be serious!!!
                                           -John McEnroe- 

Speaking of tennis, yours truly was supposed to go for a tennis tournament this Saturday WHICH IS mind you, the BEST way he releases all the stress. How would that person feel if he is supposed to not go to that tournament and instead join a stress management programme in school?

On a SATURDAY mind you...

When he was able to go to a tournament just last week, he came back to school with such a big smile on his face and students all painted smiles on their faces as they basked in the shine of the teacher's glorious bright face. Isn't that good? Nothing beats the expressions of a teacher who has managed to get some time off from his regular routine to do what he loves. He comes back with more vigour and stamina to run the miles and hike the hills of the ever landsliding hills of PnP.



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