Making English Friends

on Wednesday, 5 May 2010
Although I already did informal letter writing with the students, I thought that it would be wise to repeat the class one more time. This time, I told them to write to a pen-pal that they didn't know. The letter would be introductory and that someone in the class would be the recipient. They should take NO initiative to try to find out who they are and must try their very best to keep each others' identity a secret.

They really like that concept. I told them that since they don't have friends that they converse entirely in English, this is a good chance to mail each other letters in English. They sort of get an English Writing friend.

As a reward, if these mail system goes smooth sailing, I told them that I would try to get them real pen-pals from overseas. After researching for pen-pals online, I realised most of them are emailing each other instead of writing letters.

I think that should be fine. I can get my students to mail them personally and hopefully, responding to each other would be really good. I hope to get my whole class to make at least 1 foreign friend and mail each other letters till they are form 5. That would be really interesting.


chemistry addict said...

haha..quite interesting in teaching method..i ll try it out when i become a teacher soon..huhu..y dont u give me their letter..i would like to participate..haha..seriously..

Government Agent said...

Oh? That's a good idea. Why don't you email me your details?

My email is

chemistry addict said...

my email is

cant going to Labuan this friday..futher my study..wish me luck..

Government Agent said...

good luck man

YeeLin said...

this is actually something fun you might recommend to your students~ =D
my friend received postcards from Italy, Germany, etc~

Government Agent said...

thanks YeeLin.... I'll definitely check it out

chemistry addict said...

tqs...don 4get to sent me an email..huhu

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