Common Grounds

on Sunday, 9 May 2010
I guess it's just normal for someone who has been put out of place to seek refuge within their own walls of solitude. It's not really reflective of that person's personality and I personally don't think it has anything to do with insecurities as well.

Some like to give names to these conditions i.e. inferiority complexes or superiority complexes. Sometimes, names can get even more foul as the titles and nicknames that surface become more crude and unrefined. I think it's just normal for the people to lash out at something they find not fitting to their own norms before analysing the situation or individual past skin deep.

I would say that people just need to seek common grounds. It just takes one person, one situation or one topic of conversation to break the metaphorical walls surrounding that person. I also feel that in a working environment, there is more than just colleagues-at-the-office relationships. It is only human that people tend to develop more solid relationships surpassing work-related-professional-emotionless-hi-goodbye standards.

We're all in this together
                                 -High School Musical-

Being someone completely inept in EQ or SQ situations or discussions, it is quite intriguing to observe how people are so influenced by these qualities till it affects their life tremendously. Rationally, an adult would be more independent and equipped to deal with these emotions because of life's experiences but I commonly see the opposite of it. It isn't quite understandable from my observation as to why simple emotional issues could have been dealt with more maturely - or even better, shared.

It isn't really about seeking counseling or seeking help from professional psychiatric/social doctors. We just need some time off to rethink and reevaluate the situation. Time will definitely be tinkered for different individuals. However, time does not become an issue here, what is is neglect and denial. When someone is trying not to solve that quotient problem, then it isn't about when will the problem be solved, it becomes a choice about dealing with it, or running away.

To most people, running away becomes standard-operating-procedure.

I feel that in some people as much as I feel that it applies to me as well. Being a teacher in a different place calls for alterations and possibly complete flips in lifestyle. It's not wrong and it ain't something drastic too. Dealing with it seems like a more arduous choice but that makes someone stronger instead of a runaway.

In the end,

we're just fitting in, eh?


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