Cutting little holes

on Tuesday, 25 May 2010
Haven't been blogging for awhile... as usual... busy busy...

and Mabul Mabul.. hehehe... check my FB profile for insane pictures.

Well, marking exam papers ain't that difficult. Especially if you're teaching weak classes where students sometimes hand in blank papers...

... so far, students have been answering as expected from their level of competency.

Anyway, that's not the reason why I'm blogging here today.

Lets check the Schedule for Giving Out Exam Slips

21st June 2010: Subject teachers give marks to the class teacher
22nd June 2010: Class teachers compile results
23rd June 2010: Teachers hand in the results to the office to be signed by the Principal
24th June 2010: Teachers take the results from the Principal.
25th June 2010: Parent Teacher Conference

Seriously... does it take a genius or semi-experienced teacher to notice the schedule is completely bollocks?

Poor teachers with classes of up to 50 students.

Poor Principal only given less than 12 hours to sign all 1000+ exam slips.

Good luck and happy holidays


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