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on Saturday, 16 January 2010
For those of you who know me... some of you could be thinking... NOW???? He's starting it now??? When blogging is like so completely old school (I heard the new 'in thing' is Twittering)? Well, better late than never, I'm doing this for a number of reasons (oops, sorry for not being specific. A particular Writing Skills lecturer would have knocked me on my head). There are 5 reasons why I chose to do this:

1) Journals, journals, journals.
I push my students (especially the more mature ones) to keep journals. Let me word it correctly - I force them to keep journals. Well, being a teacher who loves to force his kids to do things, I was thinking that it is important to lead them by example. Thus, my electronic journal.

2) Making it public.
I was always skeptical about this, I always like to keep things private and only for myself. The only one who has ever heard about my rantings is my beloved girlfriend. I was thinking, let me lessen her burden a little bit, and let everyone know of her pain for the past 6 years. :) I love you baby.

3) Keeping it real.
I wanna make things clear once and for all. I despise people who talk as though they know EXACTLY what is going on within the field of work that I am in. Well, you know a LOT about it probably, but you're not in it. I can't say I understand the pain of marines in the heat of battle... I know that it's bad, real bad... but I just do not understand.

4) Teachers and their free time.
You HAVE free time. Really. I'm not kidding you about it. If you play your cards right, do your work in time, keep the paperwork absolutely scheduled, I'm pretty sure from 2-10pm, you're doing something that has completely no relevance to your profession at all. To all you other professionals slugging it out till midnight and coming home in the wee hours, I feel you... nah, not really.

5) Me
I'm one of the most self-centered, self-glorifying, piece of work that I've ever known. So, when there's an avenue to talk about yourself and just rant on and on, it really didn't take much convincing for me to do this. You see, I can use words like copious and fatuous just to get you confused... apply bombastic words like anti-disestablishment just for the sake of using it.... and... you see how I can just go off writing crap?

So for those of you who are not into reading completely biased, judgmental, opinionated blogs, it's high time you take up a hobby like fishing or gardening and stop visiting this site. If you want the real deal about what's happening, no holds barred, well, I salute you for being liberal enough to read it.

Service with a smile!

Yours truly


Anonymous said...

Not sure if i will read every blog post but at least, this blog proves that you are tech-savy.
If you are interested, I suggest you to join wikieducator and sign up their free online workshops on different 2.0 tools.Very useful. Welcome to Web 2.0!


Government Agent said...

Haha, thanks YSJ (wow... I wonder who this is? hehehe...). That's real nice of you to suggest such a useful... and erm... 'serious' website.

This is a blog just for me to blurt out things that happen to cross my mind when I'm going through my teaching career. It's not going to be something too serious... I think that was pretty clear. Hehe... but nevertheless, really appreciate the advice.

I'm probably not going to do that for now... I'm just going to put a pin on that one.

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