Our Current Resolution

on Saturday, 16 January 2010
More than 1000 kids.

Exactly 30 classes

150 periods per week.

3 English teachers. Just 3. 

How would you as the administrator, divide your employee's schedule so that it doesn't burden those 3 individuals too much with about 50 periods per week?

Ladies and gentlemen, our solution to the problem is simple.

Drag a teacher out who seems like they can speak in English, probably check on their SPM or MUET results, and just say these magical words, "Maaf ya cikgu, cikgu akan mengajar Bahasa Inggeris ya. Saya tahu ini bukan opsyen cikgu, tapi belajarlah dulu ya. Rajin bertanyakan cikgu Bahasa Inggeris kita yang berpengalaman. Jangan bimbang kalau ada masalah. Saya yakin kamu boleh!"

Sounds common eh? Here's an analogy that should crack your brains out. Here's a similar but not so common scenario.

A hospital does not have enough doctors who can perform heart surgery. The administrator who received a patient with a heart problem goes to his gynecologist and says these magical words, "Maaf ya doktor, kamu kena bedah juga jantungnya. Apa yang tidak tahu, tanyakan saja doktor yang ada membedah jantung ya. Belajarlah dulu ya, jangan bimbang kalau ada masalah. Saya yakin kamu boleh!"

Would you let a doctor who is not qualified to perform heart surgery touch your heart?

Then why would you let someone who is not qualified to teach English teach your children English?


Anonymous said...

Agree! Agree! Why? Why? Sigh..


Government Agent said...

Honestly, I'm still seeking for an answer

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