on Monday, 18 January 2010
Since I'm the type of teacher that forces my students to produce their own sentences even though they are a little bit weak in English, the harder they try, the more hilarious the errors get. Cheerios to them for giving it a go even though they know it's not exactly right. I love all of it. It really does make my day. So here it is for all of you to see. I'm not revealing their names, so I guess it's OK...

Here we go... *drum rolls....


*insert big-band jazzy introduction music with the timpani in the background..

I want to give myself into business

I want a speaking in English but always it don't become-become.

I future next time dream very much to become an English teacher. (Cheerios for using the right article. *Clap clap)

Teacher kan think that I kan very interested to learning English kan kan?

english is my favourite subject. english is very fun. My english teacher is very funny. english is very important. (Aren't you irritated by those little letters?) 

Student: "Teacher, how do you spell lipas in English?"
Teacher: L-I-P-A-S. Lipas (in a British accent)

Teacher, thank you for teaching English. I will always converge attention in your class.

My friend is beautiful. She is very white.

Dream me so long this is for become player football.

I love if teacher is slow in talking.

*insert big bang jazzy ending song with pyrotechnics and lots of confetti


Anonymous said...

No#5 is what I didnt expect from you. I thought I'm the only one who like to do that! ahaks!

p/s I visit your blog because Yeexin suggested it. wahaha. Can subscribe google analytics or counter hits to see your blog traffic


Anonymous said... least they are willing to speak in English. Mine totally refuse to unless they need a toilet break..or i wont let them go. Hahaha..


Government Agent said...

YSJ that's a nice thing... but not sure if I wanna know that info.. but I think I might check this one out.

The student had it coming with the LIPAS. hahaha

Darling: Yeah... most of them la... of course there are some who just use BM

Anonymous said...

Hmm we are all using secret codes here: YSJ, Government Agent, Darling. Can we get Mr T? Miss you guys!


Government Agent said...

Mr. T is online?? He has FACEBOOK!?!??!?!?!?! REALLY???!??!?!

Anonymous said...

You guys should help him to get broadband then facebook then MSN....make him tech savy too.. Government Agent, send a spy and see if he's doing well la...

YSJ is reading journal..zzzZZ

Government Agent said...


I was just there a few weeks back. He's doing fine... he has a laptop and I'm pretty sure a BB line is underway soon. Probably he needs help with the FB thingy though.. hahahha

Reading journals? hahaha... same here... LOTS of it

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