He huffed and he puffed and he blew the cot down

on Friday, 11 June 2010

Sorry for not being able to post the video here... I'm honestly quite lazy to figure out the HTML needed to post the video. Anyway, let's not make this about me.

Just a couple of days ago (I know this is old news) I went to search for this purported (confirmed true now) video about a 2 year old toddler smoking packs like my uncle who has been smoking for the past 40 years.

2 year old toddler. That's right. Just in case you didn't take me seriously.

I mean, as a teacher, reading this sort of news, watching the video of the baby puffing Dunhills like it was a pacifier really makes me feel wrong. That's right, there's no other word to describe the feeling when I was watching the video. It was just wrong.

Just which part of the toddlers upbringing included cigarette training? Did the parents send him to cigarette training school? Did they look at him and say:

Oh look, he's crying. Give him a ciggy.

Oh look, he's tired of his toys. Give him a ciggy.

Oh look! He said papa! Give him a ciggy.

Oh look! He laughed when I peek-a-booed him! Give him a ciggy.

Something is imbecilic and perverted in the minds of those who educated him that way.
The people who caused his addiction or neglected in forms of inaction should be given some sort of punishment. 


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