on Monday, 9 January 2012
Let's just start this new year by showing this:

2 Years. It has been 2 years that I've brought up this class and geared them up for their SPM. I wish all of them the very best and I know they can be successful if they put their hearts and souls into whatever they plan on doing. Cheers Dalton. Nice t-shirt too.

Many aren't in the picture, but this collection of teachers certainly are a different bunch of people. They can really crack you up and drive you up the wall at the same time. Nevertheless, stellar and... certainly eye-opening.

Only one of the 7 English teachers isn't present. She must be busy (as always) and Rosnah will always be the most senior teacher in the school. Longest serving in SMKBGII. The other flowers around the fruit as you can see above have been nothing less but vigilant and inspiring. We bid farewell to one of our beloved teachers, Kak Su who will spread her knowledge and 16++ years of experience in Sibu Sarawak. We welcome a new teacher, Rafley who has big shoes to fill but we can already see his determination and excitement in filling in our voided chalice. Cheers to the English Panel of 2012!

Erm.... this one is just to prove that we are all a bit crazy. Well, they say that teachers have the highest probability of high-blood pressure right? So, this is a way to unwind. Some... did unwind more than others!!! AHHAHAHA

Happy New Year 2012.

Looking forward to having more excitement and adventures ahead!


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